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Local Sadboi group announce new records/tour

Well, not quite yet we don’t, soon though.


We’re about halfway booked on a 45 day North American tour that will be our longest tour to date.  We’ll be in BC, most of the US, Ontario, and Mexico.  Tour kicks off January 17th in Abotsford, BC and ends February 23 in Sacramento, with stops in Chicago, NYC, Austin, Tijuana, Montreal, and LA among other dates.

We’re releasing two split 7″ records, one with Beach Party, and another with Sun Valley Gun Club.  We’ll also be releasing a 4 song tape EP (first time doing tapes!), for a total of 7 songs and just under an hour of music.  It’s not the traditional way of releasing music, but hey, its been 5 years since we did a big tour and there has been a lot of changes since then.

Anyway, I’m writing this post in lieu of booking dates and writing press releases, but I needed a small break.  The real questions are, How many corndogs will we eat on tour?  Will Jeff grow a beard?  Will we all ever have our glasses on at the same time, and if so, will anyone take a picture?  Should Matt grow a mullet, and will Shawn wear shorts in Mexico?  So many heavy questions.



Winter is coming

Starting to send out feelers for our next big tour.  Coast to coast.  Something like Vancouver, BC to Chicago to Montreal to Tijunana and back again.  Subject to change.

We’ll have a few new releases to start the year, some new music videos, and a lot of high fives and hugs for lots of people that we wish we could see more.

I’m being broad about details because they are still being worked out, but we’re all really, really, really ready to not be at work and be playing these songs for a few weeks and remembering that real life exists outside of our immediate surroundings.

See y’all sooner than later.



Tour Journal Fall 2017

October 7, -Bremerton
I’m a week late writing this . Being on time is hard, especially for imaginary deadlines and updates no one was waiting for. The record is finally coming out, we’re about a month away from its release, and this was our first show of 10 weeks straight of shows. Not 10 weeks of touring, we’re weekend warriors for now We didn’t name the tour, but something like “fall tour for old guys” seems to fit. Doing a traditional style tour just isn’t in the cards right now. I hear people tell me “this is actually a really smart way of doing it.” Maybe they are right, but it feels wrong. Playing shows is better than not playing though, that’s for sure.
First show of tour was Bremerton, WA. I love Bremerton. I’ve never been anywhere except the Manette Saloon and a gas station, and I’ve never seen it during the day. Sometimes the thing that make a place special is the illusion that only places you know are the only places that are there.
We’ve all been working a stupid amount lately. For example, Jeff –“They let me leave (1 hour) early today because I’m already at 60 hours this week.” These shows are all going to be a rush to and back from, and may even be harder than a real tour because there aren’t any days off for 3 months. Just work, drive, show, drive, work. The upside of being in my own bed almost every night is cool, even if its 5am before I get to it. The ride up was quiet, I got real stoned before we left in an attempt to sleep on the bunk I built in the back of van.  Jeff passed out on the bench, Shawn handled driving tunes, and Matt kept opening the fucking window sending huge cold gusts through the back of van.  It was a short 3 hour drive and we got there just in time to get our newspaper pope hats.

The bill was eclectic, and we had the best spot (middle of 3). We all thought we played fairly well, and the sound on stage was great, but it looked to me like we had managed to clear the room.  I was a little bummed, but also a little impressed.  It’s been a while since we were too loud/whatever for people and I like thinking we can still be that.  Sometimes people just don’t dig what we’re doing.  We all mingled with the locals and chainsmoked on the sidewalk giving out bad touring advice.  We got scolded for not having a net in the van to hold our gear in place by a very nice, but slightly drunk mom.  I assured her we’d be fine and she stumbled off, our record slinging loosely in her left hand.

I drove back to PDX with Matt as my co-pilot while Shawn and Jeff slept in the back.  I put on some music but Matt and I mostly talked about life the whole drive.  Late night talk and drives are one of my favorite things about tour.  Shit can get real deep and very real.  It’s great just to listen.

I dropped off Jeff at his car by the freeway-we were really rushed leaving-then Shawn, then Matt.  Driving home from Matt’s house I thought about how my days usually start around 5am now, not end, and how strange it is to be on the other side of it again.  It was a quick trip, and some long drives, but it feels SO GOOD to be playing shows out of town again and knowing there are more to look forward to.  Eugene tonight and Bend tomorrow.  Stay tuned for updates on how I was the oldest person at the house show and someone asked who’s dad I am.


Oct 13, -Eugene

House shows are my favorite.  People always come, the vibe is usually on point, and its always a great time for all.  Eugene is a college town, so its primed for house shows.

The drive up was easy, I got real stoned and passed out while listening to a chill playlist Shawn made. We pick up Jeff right after he got off work, and off we went.  The show was hosted by the rad dudes in Spiller.  The other bands on the bill were Stoner Control and Floodlight, many thanks to Ferrin and Charley for helping set this up. Eugene has always been a pain the ass to book, and this was an awesome show.  Using a sharp eye for couches on porches and notes on front doors we picked out the house from the street.  We played in a bedroom that couldn’t have been bigger than 10×14, and there was only 1 PA speaker, diy heaven.  We tetris’d gear high along the walls, pushed the drums in a corner, and faced the PA towards the door.   The rest of the night we played “how many college kids can we fit in a room with punk bands.”  Eh, probably about 15-20 with the rest of the them winding through the hallways.

We were the oldest people there and I felt certain that I was being laughed at by two goth girls sharing a tall can in the front yard.  People were so attentive-as soon as Sam (Spiller) said “The first band is starting!” literally every single person went inside and watched.  Shit’s wild.  We played in the middle spot again, and felt pretty good about the set.  Crowd is much more lively than Bremerton.  Didn’t sell any merch, but feel really good about being able to do this again.

We load up pretty quickly, thank all the band dudes and head for Burritos.  They are quick, and medicore at best.  Jeff and I have to work the next day, and sleep on the drive home.  Matt drives and Shawn puts on some podcast that just sounds like propaganda (not propagandhi, that would’ve been better).  I wake up when we drop Jeff off.  Cheap beer and and cheap burritos gave me killer heartburn.  No one knows what the plan is for Bend other than getting more Burritos post show.


Oct 14, -Bend

We end up doing this show without Jeff.  That government job just won’t let the dude catch a fucking break.  We’re all bummed, but the show must go on.  I feel guilty for not driving, and take the drive to Bend.  I was a little worried about the pass, but there was hardly any snow.  Really pretty drive, and we make it in about 3 hours.

The show is hosted by Bend Pyrate Punx, a rad group supporting all ages music and fighting white pride.  The hosted us when we played with Full Garage and Hard Sulks.  Super cool folks.  Show is a a pizzeria in a strip mall.  It was late, so all the surrounding business are closed, so its actually a pretty cool spot.

The opening band is a metal band of kids from Madras, the next town over from Bend.  They brought back a lot of memories of being in metal bands as kids for us, and looked like they were having a fucking blast.  Lots of moshing, wireless guitars, and jumping in unison.  Awesome.

Our set list is limited without Jeff, and we have to cut a few mathier songs in favor the straight ahead jams, and aren’t sure how well its going to go over with the crowd.  It takes a few songs, but about the third song in, the whole crowd was in.  Lots of yelling at (with?) us, more moshing, and I think I saw some kids giving Shawn the Wayne’ world bow?

We sold a ton of merch, and I had the best fucking time playing.   I hadn’t heard someone yell “more brutal!” when we asked how it our levels were.  Well, ok then! I’m sore today from going so hard, feels great.  The last band is a straight-up punk band.  Two dudes about our age, just yelling and thrashing through 30 minutes.  I don’t know a word they said, or even know if there was a melody, it ruled.  Turns out they used to live in PDX and run a house show venue, but moved out to raise families.

I drive back cause I’m feeling mostly sober.  Shawn sleeps in the back, and Matt and I have another late night drive and talk.  We hauled ass, and made it from the venue to Matt’s house in 2.5 hours.  Easily the shortest transit time of these shows yet.

Canada run is next weekend.  Super fucking pumped about that.  Playing two cities I’ve never been to, and we’re touring with our dudes in Guilt Trap for all three shows.  Also really excited to not have to drive 100+ miles after a show.  Gonna spend some time today trying to get a TV installed in the van so we can make videogames on the drives.


October 20, – Abotsford

Waking up in the van in Vancouver, pouring rain and I have to pee soooo bad.   We took off from Portland yesterday around noon, minus Jeff who couldn’t shake his job.  Real bummer all around, miss you Jeff!

The drive was long, about 7 hours. I hate the act of crossing the border, I always get nervous as fuck.  It went fine, usually does.  Yep, we know where we are going, where we are playing, and when we’ll be back.  We don’t have any guns or drugs.  Thanks.

The show was in Abotsford, which we initially thought was a suburb of Vancouver, but is really more like an hour away.  We had a brief moment of wondering how we would find it since no one of our phones really work, and how does anyone get anywhere with Google maps?  We got just enough spotty service to only get turned around once, and showed up only 30 minutes or so after load in time.  The venue was a true punk house.  The show was in the basement garage, but they had nailed plywood over the garage door, and built a small stage.  Beer cans everywhere, stray cats, and huge electrical fire hazards.  God dammit I love these places.  People showed up pretty quickly which was great since we opened.  Guilt trap was running late, and it made sense for the local to headline.   We play ok, crowd is lively and responsive.  Sell some merch, and have some really good conversations with the locals.  Canadians, at least in my experience, are so much more friendly and open.  We get deep quickly in a few conversations, drink all the Canadian beer, and watch Guilt Trap and  Atodaso kill their respective sets.   Overall, seems like 50 people or so come out, and the room is full and so is the backyard.

Shows over and we slowly pack up while continuing to drink and talk to the locals.  Aaron, the host is super rad to us all night, and it feels to all of us like we’ve been friends for a long time. I take the drive to Vancouver to stay with Stephan from Guilt Trap and we bring Riley along.  Everyone in the van but me is a guitar player, and they all rap about amps.  I try to interject with my limited knowledge and get mostly ignored.  Nickleback comes on the radio and everyone at once yells to turn it off.

Easily the most “successful” show we’ve done in Canada.  Good crowd, good vibes, good bands.  Feels awesome.   

Now to shower and find some grub.  Gonna try and hit the ferry to Victoria early enough to see some of Victoria in the daylight.

October 21, Victoria

Woke up in a hotel.   Couldn’t find a place to crash, we were tired, and the rain and wind were brutal.  Can’t even remember the last time the band paid for a hotel room.  Getting older, new times.  Was amazing to sleep in a bed, have coffee and shower before having to meet the world.

We sleep and stay at the hotel until checkout, and then go to Denny’s cause it’s easy and we don’t want to wait.  It’s just as whatever in Canada as it is in the US. Cheers to being consistent.  We miss the 1pm ferry that the Guilt Trap guys were on, and wait around for a solid 2 hours to load the 3 pm ferry.   Honestly felt good to relax a bit.

Got waaaay to stoned before getting on the Ferry yesterday, and had jello legs for the first half of the trip.  The ride over was rainy, but beautiful nonetheless.  We talked about moving to the islands, and how nice it is to not be at work, and “doing the band thing” again.  Sometimes I feel like the oldest 32 year old in the world, even though I know it not to be true at all.

Victoria pisses rain sideways all day long.  Kind of makes it hard to enjoy the city/island.  We get some terrible Mexican food (side note: don’t ever trust a Canadian to tell you what “good” Mexican food is), and then go to a brewery, that had a tasting room the size of my bedroom, but with 20 people in it.   Still fun getting to kick with the Guilt Trap dudes regardless.

The venue is a record store downtown, Vinyl Envy.  It’s a little off the beaten path, but relatively close to things.  The owner booked the show and is super rad to us making sure we have everything we need, offers his office as a green room, and really goes out of his way.   The local band sound like if Fat Mike fronted a indie band.   It’s ok, but not our thing at all, nice blokes.   Probably about 20 people wander in and out throughout the night including two ladies I met while smoking outside the shop.  They wanted to have some witty conversation, and I did my best, apparently enough to get them to come in a little while later.  I was all out of clever retorts though and avoided them once I saw them come in, I think they left before we played.  We played a set of mostly pop songs, I used the house drum kit, and that always throws me off.  We played ok, enough not for anyone to walk out on us.  Sell a little bit of merch and make enough for the Ferry ride back to the mainland.  

Yesterday feels like a week ago now, and I remember why the days blend so quickly while you’re on the road.  I miss home already, but don’t really want to be there.  I daydream about moving outside of the city and/or working from home.  I don’t want home because I don’t want work, bills, real life.   I do miss Marls, Bubba, and my bed, in that order.  I know I’m on a finite timeline though to be able to do this, and I try to remember to enjoy it as it happens and not think to hard.

Tonight we play Vancouver at another record store.  Fun fact: We’ve played Vancouver 2 times before, both times the venue has shut down shortly after we’ve played it.  When booking this run, the original venue shut down 3 weeks ago and there was a mad scramble to make these dates work.  The venue tonight just recently re-opened to shows, and hopefully stays open a bit after we play it.

We talked a lot about more weekend-ish runs like this, putting out splits, and Europe touring while waiting at the ferry terminal in Victoria.  It’s not easy to tour, especially as we get older, but it’s also not as hard as I think we make it out to be.  

Tomorrow we have to leave Vancouver at 6am to make it in time for Shawn’s night shift at work.  I’ll do that drive since I’m used to the early morning hours.  Hopefully the border and Seattle traffic are kind to us.

October 22, – Vancouver

The Ferry ride from Victoria back to Vancouver was incredible.  No rain, little wind, and lots of sun.  I bought a coffee and a paper that I never read and fetched Shawn from the upper floor.  We smoked and looked for whales, sharing the coffee.  We found Matt at the front deck by himself a joined him in island gazing and Europe dreaming for a while.

I drove back to Vancouver, and we headed straight for Ramen.  Easily the best meal of tour, little hole in the wall place that sat about 20.  We wait longer to get it than it takes us to eat, but it’s totally worth it.  The show was at Stylus records, a very small record store/woodworking shop in a basement through an alley, run by my favorite Canadian, let’s call him “Mitch.”

The show was a bust, attendance wise. Vibe kinda sucked all night.  We all made of the best of it and still had a good time, and parted ways with Guilt Trap.  We slept at Stephans house again, and this is easily the tamest night of the 4 we’ve spent there.  Shawn helps me smoke a joint on the back porch and we share the pull out mattress.  I fall asleep before I can hear Matt snore.

Wake up at 5:45 Monday morning, wake up the dudes and hit the road home on about 3 hours of sleep.  Matt plays DJ, and we were mostly silent the drive back.  It was super nice out and traffic isn’t bad, and the long drive doesn’t feel so bad.  Shawn slept in the back, and we drop him off at work.  “From the van to kitchen, how was your vacation?”  I drop off Matt and go home and unload the van.

Overall, a great trip, and the most monetarily successful one.  Jeff was missed.  Would’ve been better with him, no doubt.  Feeling great knowing we can go back.

October 27th, -Seattle

The dudes are late picking me up from work.  I had already gassed and packed up the van.  Traffic sucks real bad, but Jeff is back with us and he looks thrilled not to be at work.  Jeff and I half sleep on the drive there, mostly just hang out with our thoughts.  Google doesn’t understand the address for the show tonight, and we end up in Ravenna before we realize the show in in West Seattle.

The show is at Steve from Dearheart’s house and is a yearly costume party.  We’re 40 minutes late, but the show hasn’t started yet.  We run to 711 for Rainers and come back and pick out costumes from what Jeff brought.  Matt is a bear, Jeff is lego man, I am Bojack horseman, and Shawn is Jeff (a postman).  Mansions is up first and they crush it, they clearly have people there just to see them as people file into Lyft’s shortly after their set.  Most of the crowd is still there and we set up.  We play ok, I’m using Dearheart’s drums and its always awkward playing a show on a kit you’ve never touched before.  Feels awesome to hear Jeff’s parts again and to have his energy.  I wear the Bojack head during a song and later some dude tells me he was really high and legit thought there was a horse playing drums.  Dearheart is on after us and I’m really impressed, dudes are super tight and have lot of energy.  Hopefully this is a start to something more.

Matt drives back, and Jeff and I half sleep again.  We all get home a little after 3, and I’m up again at 6 for work.  Jeff has it the worst (again) as he ends up working 12 hours on 2 hours of sleep.  The good news is that all of us have time off approved for California, and we have a whole day to drive home.  There’s only 1 more long night drive left this year (Bellingham, Nov 18) and I’m thankful for that.  These are rough.

Low res rock and roll.


8bit hague

The music to the video games that I played as a kid has always held a special place in my heart.  They were these tiny ear worms that rattled around in my head during that brief time before a person starts buying their own music.  Sure, there was always the music on the radio, or my parent’s CD collection to rummage through, but the music on those games felt like it was just for me.  We’re talking 8-bit and 16-bit era here.  Metroid, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, any of the Mario Bros, Zelda, Mega Man, and too many more to list.

Lately I’ve been trying to teach myself to use this chiptune creator called MilkyTracker (here’s a link if you’re interested. It’s 100% free).  I wondered how hard it would be to create an 8-bit version of one of the newer Hague songs called “Dino”.  I spent a handful of hours figuring out how to stumble my way through the program and plugged away at it on weekends and in the wee hours before work.   Here’s what I ended up with.


The Hague – Dino (chiptune version):

Sunday Morning Coffee

I’m listening to Foxing, drinking black coffee, and writing this post while cars blaze down the rainy street outside.  I’m supposed to be working, but lately all I can focus on is Hague.  I’m looking over my social media feeds that are clogged with pictures and news of friends in bands on tour, releasing new records, playing overseas, and having an awesome time sharing their art.  I miss tour something fierce.  It’s been a full two years since we left for anything longer than 5 days on the road, and we want to get out there so bad.  It’s taken awhile, but we are about to make another big push, and I can’t wait.  We’re ready.

This record has taken double the amount of time it was supposed to take.  I just want to release it already and let the world have it and get on the road again.  It deserves more than that though.  We took several years to write 40 minutes of music, and its taken over a year to make sure that the recording of it turned out exactly how we wanted it to.  It’s currently in mastering, and will hopefully see a release in early 2017, almost 2 years after we started recording it.  We’re proud of it, and are going to do everything we can to get it exposed to as many people as we possibly can.  We don’t expect everyone to like it, we didn’t write it for everyone, we wrote it because we had to.

Since our last release, both Matt and I got married, we went through several guitar players, I graduated college, and we moved practice spaces 3 times. The band wasn’t sitting in the backseat, but it did have to ride shotgun for a while.  I’ve been thinking a lot, nonstop really, about feeling and acting like a professional band again.  Taking the time with this new record is a huge part of that.   Taking our time and making sure that things are as good as they can be with us before releasing the record and touring again is paramount.  We could just say fuck it, put the album on bandcamp and head out next month on a last minute tour, but that’s all that would come of it.  We’re as motivated as we’ve ever been to make this work.  I really don’t care that most of us look like dads now.   The music has never been more authentic, and we’ve never been more ready to spend time in a metal deathbox on wheels.

We’re looking for label support seriously for the first time.  We’d be thrilled to have help with the band, and I think that with how much we will be touring and the strength of the new record we’d be a great assest.  We’ll release the album on vinyl regardless, we’ll tour the country and overseas regardless, we’ll get some PR regardless.  If it seems like we’ve been sleeping or regressing, that’s only what is visible on a surface level.  We’ve been winding up to come out with guns blazing soon.  New Portland can think that we’re old news, but they have no idea how powerful we can be.

Our next show is Oct 24 at The High Water Mark.  Here is the facebook link.  It’s free, and its a friends show, with several people in the other bands who have played or recorded with us.  It’s gonna be a time.  We’ll play a lot of the new material, and maybe a throwback jam or two.

Still not sure if these blog posts are too honest and I should internalize stuff more, or if I should just get things out more often and write more of them. Hopefully the latter is true.





Thursday dad

Hey all. Jeff here.
Look, I know having a new guy in the band is sometimes rough on the fans. That’s why I wanted to have a heart-to-heart with y’all and let you know the following:

– You don’t have to call me “guitar dad” if you don’t want to, buddy. It’s totally fine. You can call me Jeff, J.D., Jeffro-puffs, Dr. Sassingill, hell.. you can call me the hamburgler if you want, champ. I’m not here to replace your pops.

– You didn’t do anything wrong that caused The Hague to get another guitarist and we still love you more than kittens on Christmas.

Whew, that felt good to get off my chest. If you want to have another rap sesh, we’d love to see you at one of the handful of shows that we have coming up in September and October. We can toss the ball around, work on your pinewood derby car, talk about your favorite alternate guitar tuning, you name it, kiddo.

*tussles hair* now run along, squirt! And don’t forget about these dandy show dates!

Sept 27th @ Valentines
Oct 6th @ Twilight Cafe with Ghost Pines
Oct 14th @ Analog Cafe with Westward
Oct 24th @ High Water Mark with WROWS and SHE

Love and hotdogs,
– The Hague

love and hotdogs

Welcome Jeff!

Ok, we’re gonna really try and be better about updating this site.  Here is my usual long-winded update:

We have a Jeff!   When I broke my wrist back in January we really needed someone to fill in on the shows so I didn’t have to do them all one-handed.  Matt knew Jeff through work (Jeff is also an audio engineer) and he showed up to practice on a few days notice having learned most of our set.  It was an odd situation, having someone else play drum parts live that I had written, especially since I was going to all the shows, but it quickly felt just fine.  I’ve always believed that the hardest part about being a band is the personal relationship part, not the playing music part.  Jeff is exceptional at both, and as my wrist started to rehab we wanted to keep him around full time.  So, without futher ado, please welcome Jeff to Hague!


In other news, the recording and mixing of the album is done, and we are sending it off for mastering soon.  We’ve been playing most of the songs off it for over a year now, but have been keeping the lid on the recordings.  We’re all really proud of how it turned out, and over the next few months we’ll be looking for some label support to help put it out.  On that note, we all have a strong desire to tour more, but want to do it more sustainably.  Hopefully with some support for the record we can make that possible.  The goal right now is to put the album out this coming winter and do some west coast touring, hopefully followed up by some touring overseas, or another full US tour.  Words can’t describe how bad I want to be playing in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and so on.

In a few weeks were going on a mini tour with our BBF’s in Hard Sulks covering Seattle, Spokane, Boise (help us book this!), and Bend.  Our summer is going to be pretty quiet show-wise aside from that while we work on writing new songs with Jeff, planning the album relase, and hopefully tour planning as well.

The last few months have been really awesome, and I want to give a shoutout to all the bands, people, and festivals that have made us feel really special over the last few months.

Volume Music Festival

Camp Daze Festival

Beige Radio

Au Revior

Tom Vanderkam

Nick Hawksley

Charlie Wagner


Black Water Bar

Slow Code

Wes Gonzales

I’m sure I’ve forgotten folks, but some of the night blur together!


We’re hoping that this record brings about a year that will see our touring the most we have since 2014, and putting out lots of media and new material.  All of our albums are still free on bandcamp if you don’t have them yet.


See you soon friends!

If you can dream it, someone’s done it

The record is pretty much finished.  My wrist has been broken for 14 weeks.  Jeff has been killing it filling in.  We played Canada last month. Aside from the $200 we spent on Kokanee it was pretty rad.

Thankfully we are slightly better at playing shows and touring then we are at blogging.



We haven’t updated in a while, not that anyone probably reads this anyway, but, here goes:

We had planned on recording way back in March, as things go we had some personal and medical issues that got in the way of that actually happening and recording has been pushed back until September.  I really hate the saying “everything happens for a reason,” and prefer to see things more in the light of “just roll with it.”   That has kind of always been what we’ve done anyway, and I think it has worked out thus far.  We’ve been able to spend more time working on new songs, and it’s hard to express how much better off I think the songs are for it.

We haven’t spent a long time just writing songs in a really long time, like since before the great exodus of 3/5 of the band leaving after our first US tour.  I think the mindset these last couple years has almost been one of “we’re gonna keep going, keep writing, keep playing, just to prove that we can.”  It was never about doing it to prove that to other people, but to prove it to ourselves.  I think that as we’ve gotten over the insecurity of knowing that The Hague will continue to be thing, there isn’t as much of a rush just to put something out there.

Matt has been with us for 2 years now, and we still have zero recordings with him outside of a few live videos.   I think that all of that time is going to show through in this next set of songs.  We’ve taken the time to get to know one another, and it goes way beyond just the music.  These new songs have been written with just the three of us, and it has been the most involved songwriting process I have ever been a part of.  It is all honesty, it’s fucking amazing.  We all help with melody, everyone freely suggests changes not only to the structure, but to other people’s parts.  Shawn has opened the door to let Matt and I help with lyrics and melody, and I really enjoy being a part of that process as well.  The last record was all about everyone’s ideas, but there was like 20 people on that record.  The previous records weren’t as collaborative as this one is either.  Maybe no one will like it, but I have a really good feeling about it.

The band is in the best place we have ever been in.  There isn’t any drama,  but we still have a ton of fun.  That was the first step, when it has always seemed like the last one before.  The music has been challenging, writing these news songs hasn’t been easy, we’ve broken them apart and put them back together countless times.  I think we’ve already been working on most of them for well over a year now, and still haven’t played them live.  It is more about not wanting to let them “wild” in front of an audience until we are all excited about how they are, not just ok with how they are.  That is a new thing for us, and I’m really into it.

We have also wanted to document things more as time goes on.  With every tour and every recording I think we walk away wishing that there was more evidence of what just happened, as a lot of it seems to get lost in the shuffle.  Shawn is working on putting together a documentary about us.  Mostly just to tell the story of how things have been, but also to capture the process of this record.  We don’t want to make a “we’re so edgy/important/cool/whatever” documentary.  I don’t think we are any of those things, it’s not about us selling ourselves or trying to convince anyone else that they should watch/listen/care about us.  Just like the music is, the documentary will be a reflection of where we are right now, how we are feeling about our lives, and stand only as physical evidence of feelings, memories, and experiences.  I just want something to look back on whenever this is all over that helps me remember what happened.

I think it is safe to say that we miss touring a lot.  We would give anything to be back out there again, but rushing into a tour right now isn’t the right thing to do.  As our friends in bands have taken time off without playing shows or releasing new music we’ve learned that there is something to be said for taking the time to make sure things are right.  Not to make sure things are perfect, because fuck being perfect, or wanting to be perfect.  We just want to feel proud of what we are doing, and not that we are cutting corners just to get it out to people.

I talk to much.  I’ve been struggling with that knowledge a lot lately.  I wonder if I have always talked to much, or if it is something new.  Do I try and not do it, or just say fuck it, this is who I am?  Obviously right now, I am going with the latter.


I’ll try and post to this more frequently in the future.  Maybe with less rants/ramblings.  But probably mostly those.