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Label: self-released

Genre: indie punk

Hometown: Portland, OR

Influences: American Football, Engine Down, Jets to Brazil

Sounds like: Hum, The Appleseed Cast, Minus the Bear


Rediscovery, Self-reflection, and pawned instruments

Portland’s The Hague has been through a tough time. After a tumultuous nine-year epoch during which the band cycled through five vans, a school bus, persistent financial and interpersonal turmoil, tours wherein members had to sell their gear to afford the return trip, and constant member turnover, the band nearly fell apart for good.

Over three years in the making, The Hague’s new records are a testament to effective cooperation and intelligent songwriting. Recorded at various Portland studios including Isaac Brock’s Ice Cream Party Studio with Brandon Eggleston, The Hague approached this endeavor as a method for effectively permuting emotion into sound. By attentively finessing intricacies and approaching cooperative songwriting with respectfulness and honesty, The Hague has managed to craft a layered sonic experiences that draws equally from each member’s stylistic fortes in an equal collaboration; a collective effort crammed full of bravura, innovation, and renewed love for their longtime project.

“This record is about the inevitability of change,” says drummer Jesse Tranfo. “It’s about knowing that the band won’t always be a band, and most friendships won’t last, and knowing that that is truth. At the same time, it’s about fighting that, and wanting to believe in the good things currently happening, wanting to hold on to those close to us, and wanting to be more present in what we’re doing.”

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The Hague Releases for 2019

-7″ Split with Sun Valley Gun Club, featuring the song “Candysound”

-7″ Split with Beach Party, featuring the songs, “Bob” and “Dinosaur”